Geocaching Containers Branch Out

A Round Rock to Cover a Time Capsule

Geocaching Container Alternatives

Viewing Geocaching containers generally leaves out one idea. And it’s perfect for a Family Hike and Time Capsule Adventure as well. The usual geocaching containers are sort of ugly. So we at, decided to branch out and note a few options to the Geocacher’s Standard Military Ammo Can. Of course, unlike Geocaching, our family adventure is intended for only one person. Once. It’s a time capsule adventure hike for the entire family and it uses the same principles as Geocaching. Read More…

Hiding Rocks: A Strange Avocation

Hollow Rock in Snow

What do Family Hikes, Time Capsules and Fake Rocks have in common?

The Cascade Mountains here in Washington State have been vibrating with spring the last few days. So we headed for high ground where I took a few incidental photos, not of the stunning snow caps, but rather a few example-shots of hollow rock and log clones. Read More…

Wilderness Time Capsules. Interesting Idea.

Mapping The Time Capsule Adventure

The Time Capsule Family Adventure!

Our upgraded site traces the entire family time capsule activity from start to finish.  You’ll find it’s a bit like geocaching, but much more personal. And it truly involves the whole family as it interconnects generations. Read More…