Before You Leave the Time Capsule Drop Site

Where Did I Leave That Capsule?

Making certain that you’ve covered everything before you leave the time capsule drop site is even more important now. If this is a remote place, you’re not going to want to remember something that you forgot to do at the site when you get home. So it’s good to check this list before you turn your back on history.

1. Confirm that the correct GPS coordinates have been recorded.
2. Fill in all the remaining information on the Geocapsuling Data Sheet.
3. Take photos of all people attending the occasion.
4. Review the time capsule drop site for any objects that may have been inadvertently left.
5. Leave no visible trace.

Remember to stand back away from the site and visually check to see that there is nothing obvious that might attract human visitors. Being “non-obvious” and doing nothing that will attract attention is pretty important. We’re talking about possible spans of 40 years that someone else could discover your time capsule drop site.

If this site is as spectacular as it should be, don’t forget to enjoy it yourself. Maybe you camped nearby or had a picnic, or maybe the view was just worth it. The chances are that the silence will be deafening. And memorable. This is a two-sided adventure, so realize that your descendants will come back to this very spot sometime in the future. They’ll enjoy it too! And they will enjoy it all the more if you have told them about it.

A complete top to bottom checklist for your Geocapsuling Adventure is available on the Fast Track to the Time Capsule Adventure page.

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