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We have prepared seven pages of documents that will help you to conduct your Time Capsule Adventure. This is a free download.

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View and print the PDF file which contains:

1. The Time Capsule Adventure Checklist

-Before you leave Your House: Items to PackMt. Rainier Washington
-At the Drop Site
-Other Site Criteria
-Site Preparation
-Before You Leave the Drop Site
-When you Return Home

2. Geocapsuling Data Sheet:

-Identify the General Region of Placement
-People in Attendance
Time Capsule Documents-Notations about General Terrain, Points of Interest, etc.

-Notations for Identifying Drop Site
-List Some Items contained in the Time Capsule
-When can this Capsule be Retrieved?
-A duplicate folder was also given to:

3. Duplicate Retrieval Folder Page

4. Introductory Letter to the Intended