The Time Capsule Adventure

Here is a classic family adventure for you…and for your descendants.

These are camouflaged, hollow rock clones that encase…a small time capsule.

The adventure is a treasure-hunt to recover these time capsules, months or even years after they are left in back-woods areas.


Why time capsules?

Because there is an intriguing fascination with hidden treasures.

Especially family treasures that will have personal connections. These small, simple caches will become a curious legacy to rediscover by one person. Once.

But there are other incentives to this adventure.

Discovering the vast spectacle of our American wilderness may ignite a greater passion to explore. And it may help your younger family members to connect with the adventurous spirit of their own parents.

Leaving no visible trace behind, you can purposefully conceal small, secure, time capsules in the remote back country.

While drop-sites need to be isolated and far removed from any possible foot traffic, they can still be easy to find…if you happen to know their exact geographic coordinates ad carry a simple GPS device.

Our own time capsules have been intentionally (and legally) placed in regions that force an outdoor commitment.

Small, concealed caches are now spirited away in spectacular mountains of Idaho, along the Pacific Coast of Washington, and somewhere in the undiscovered wilds of Montana. But there are closer places as well.

The hiding of time capsules as a fun adventure will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes: geocachers, future explorers, scavenger hunters, or even casual adventurers.

Time in a Capsule, An Adventure for Your Descendants, encourages others to create an experience for bridging the generations.

Combining wilderness treks with GPS technology is already an international pastime. But adding a time capsule to the mix brings an element of family adventure and generational connection. demonstrates how your family and friends can plan a short or long-term journey through time.

Various Time Capsules

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