Family Hiking Adventure Uses Fake Rocks.


Hollow Rock in Snow
Hollow Rock in Snow

The Cascade Mountains here in Washington State have been vibrating with spring the last few days. So we headed for high ground where I took a few incidental photos, not of the stunning snow caps, but rather a few example-shots of hollow rock and log clones. These were not remote locations; I simply wanted to identify in photographs, how easily the hollow rocks/logs blend into different environments.

Perfect Shield for Rock
Rock Overhang



Though we saw nobody else on our walk along Lake Keechelus at Snoqualmie Pass, it’s always funny to anticipate people’s thoughts when they see a guy carrying what appears to be a heavy rock and a camera.



Hollow Rock is Hard To Find in This Debris Field
Hollow Rock is Hard To Find

Even when the surrounding geology is basalt, the hollow rock still mingles as though it belongs there.  A rock is pretty much a rock wherever it lives.



Hollow Rock Protected by Overhang
Hollow Rock Conceals Time Capsule



There will always be well-intended environmentalists who huff at those who leave a cache behind, and geocachers have withstood this occasional derision while becoming more aware and responsible about cache placements. This time capsule adventure is an attempt to nudge the sport even further in that direction.



The Wilderness Log blends with most any downed timber.

Hollow Log Conceals Time Capsule
Hollow Log Conceals Time Capsule