Mapping The Time Capsule Adventure
Mapping The Time Capsule Adventure

Since 1999, inquiries (worldwide) have come in about the time capsule adventure, so we  expanded our pages to provide more detail.

We’ve also changed our methods to include a new concept which helps facilitate above ground placement of small, hidden time capsules in the remote back country. These are Hollow-Rock and Hollow-Log clones.

If you have no idea what a a time capsule adventure is, you can read more about it, first on our Home page and then on our time capsule adventure basics page.

This upgraded site traces the entire family-time-capsule activity from start to finish.  You’ll find it’s a bit like geocaching, but much more personal. And it truly involves the whole family as it interconnects generations.

The header on our logo describes an Adventure For Your Descendants. True. But it’s also an adventure for your current family. Whether it’s a family hike, or single parent weekend, or just something different…and meaningful…to do. There are basic instructions and precautions that you should follow. But if you want to cover the steps quickly, then just read our Fast Track Steps and you’ll get a picture of the adventure.

There is some cost (though we sell no products) and some risk (that’s for you to shoulder). But the family adventure is worth it!