Looking for the right Geocaching container?


Any Geocaching container can come in different configurations, from PVC pipes to plastic Tupperware to metal cans to wooden boxes.  But any one of Fredric’s Geocaching Top 10 Best Cache Containers would lose an environmental beauty contest.

A Round Rock to Cover a Time Capsule
A Round Rock to Cover a Time Capsule

Using such containers, is sort of ugly. So we at www.Timeinacapsule.com, decided to branch out and note a few options to the Geocacher’s Standard Military Ammo Can. Of course, unlike Geocaching, our family adventure is intended for only one person. Once. It’s a time capsule adventure hike for the entire family and it uses the same principles as Geocaching.

You might consider two Geocaching containers that look rather like unremarkable rocks.

Hmm, what a concept. Alternatives can be found at D.C.Works, Inc.

The Round Rock is too small for a hat, but is large enough for a small stash. And the Round Rock is also round… and looks amazingly like a rock. Hard to be too creative here.

But it won’t attract much attention, and of course, that’s the object of the game.  A GPS will find these babies sooner than a non-geocacher will stumble over an ammo can.

They’re all made of structural polyurethane and guaranteed to last a thousand years or your money back. You can learn the basics of this family hiking adventure by visiting our pages.