Here is a family adventure for you…and your descendants!

Hollow Rock Covers Time Capsule
Hollow Rock Covers Time Capsule

You can choose your own family hike location, but take a time capsule along and you can transform your family hike into a memorable adventure.

What? How do I do that? Well, it’s a little like Geocaching. But the content’s future retrieval is only for one person. Once. So there is minimal environmental impact.

It’s really not difficult to use a GPS device for identifying a spot in the wilderness. Exact coordinates will allow someone to return to that spot from 1 to even 40 years in the future. But you need to pack and preserve your time capsule contents very well. You’ll also need to choose from many legal locations that allow for this type of family hike. The BLM offers many locations that are acceptable.

You’ll need a vacuum jar or stainless steel capsule, depending upon exposure to the elements.

On The Family Hike
On The Family Hike

You’ll then want to pack the chosen items so they will survive weather extremes. And then a hollow rock or hollow log enclosure covers the time capsule contents so nobody can accidentally find it without having the GPS coordinates.

There is some amount of risk here. You don’t want to leave Grandma’s prized doilies exposed to the wilderness weather and expect the capsule will be found in perfect condition over a long period. Your capsules should be different grades of material for a short term or long term adventures. But good planning can avoid many mistakes.

Instructions on how to plan for this adventure and the type of capsule you should buy are at (which doesn’t sell any items itself).

Remember this is a family hike that also invites your descendants to enjoy the outdoors.

So if you’re looking for a different family hike that also serves a goal while joining the generations together, you might consider this activity.